Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to Look Ten Years Younger

Hi!  I want to show you how to help yourself look ten years younger.  I say that women are like wine, we just keep getting better.  The way I began was taking time for myself.  This may include reading a book, taking a bath (actually sitting in a bath tub not showering), watching beauty YouTube videos and selecting healthier foods.  This has to be done one step at a time but you can achieve your desired look. 

I am a mom of three.  And not to mention one has autism. I was a young mom with a journey of a special needs child.  It was very hard and at some times continues to be but I cherish all the good times with smiles and laughter.  I soon began to look at old pictures of myself and said "I need to shape back up and look youthful again."  It is hard to motivate yourself but it can be done.  

Motivation #1:  Acknowledge the very things that can motivate you.  For me was watching the beauty guru's on YouTube.  Granted they are all in their teens and twenties but some of them really do know what they are talking about.  I became more aware of what makeup to try and what styles were in.  Some even give tips on how to shop at thrift stores!  I'm telling you, awesome stuff!!

Motivation  #2:   Look how celebrities change up their look even after having a baby.  I randomly would read on their weight loss tricks and diets.  This can give you ideas on how to apply these tactics with how you eat and exercise.  Remember this is only motivation.  I am not saying to mimic what they do. 

Motivation #3:  Don't give up!  This is not silly and you are a valuable person.  Don't be afraid of failure.  So just get back up and try it again.  I have failed various diets and gave up on exercises but I made it to be temporary.  I switched and tried something different.  If bread was hard for me to give up then instead I would try cutting out on chips and other starchy foods first.  One thing at a time is key.  However, keep trying all kinds of exercises.  And I mean all kinds to see which one fits best for you and your schedule.

Motivation #4:  Love & Friendship.  Our precious treasures for our hard work is to keep accountability with someone.  So when it's time to spice yourself up on a date night or girls night out you will be overwhelmed with such confidence that you truly look great.  Please remember to watch the alcohol drinks with high calories.  I always go for a red wine.  One or two glasses is good for me.  But importantly, have fun with an assurance that you truly earned this!  

~ Diana 
Latinos Saludable

P.S.  Don't have enough time or money to go to the gym.  There are some great YouTube videos on workouts.  
Fitness Blender is one of my fav!
Another is Be Fit

First picture is of me at 19 years of age
Second picture is of me at age 35

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